Face Mask green aventurineFace Mask green aventurine

Face Mask green aventurine

Properties: Aventurine
Designation: SW-073
Availability: In stock
Price: 123,0 €
Amount:  pc    

A harmonizing and meditative facial mask will put you in a state of inducing a new dimension of intuition and inspirational thoughts.

  • Size 21 cm x 9.5 cm, size over the nose 5 cm.


  • Aventurine strengthens up abilities necessary to lead others. 
  • Ensures empathy to understand others mindsets. 
  • Positively impacts the thyroid gland and provides the connection between tissue and the nervous system. 
  • It helps with keeping the balance of blood pressure and metabolism.
  • Reduces cholesterol, prevent sclerosis and outbreak of allergies. 
  • It helps with migraine and effects on the eyes. 
  • Supports suprarenal glands, lungs, cavities, heart and muscle or urogenital system. 
  • It keeps you calm and moves your heart pain downwards. 
  • It drives away stomach aches and distracts negative feelings and emotions. 
  • As an all-purpose mineral brings the feeling of balance and mindfulness. 
  • Aventurine also attracts everything concerning wealth and prosperity. 
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