Chakra original came into existence in 2018 in the Czech Republic as the first self-reliant e-shop with intimate aids made from gemstones! During the first year, we breathe life into this brand. We created a unique program for women, which have no parallel with its extent. We don’t copy anyone, we are transparent and everything that we offer is certificated, high-quality, professional and original with over 25 years of practice. It's crucial to be aware that everything is connected, and it's not possible to lift something out of context. You cannot focus only on the pelvic floor, because even this has its deeper connection to the body overall. Same as you cannot shape your body only by exercising abs, you cannot stir up your femininity only by using yoni eggs or unprofessional advice. Every imbalance will appear anyway. Last but not least it's necessary to work on the presumption that everyone is individual.


Minerals and crystals are part of nature as well as we - people. For millions and millions of years, they are comprised of the Earth’s processes, arising at temperatures from 1.300 °C and pressure of thousands of atmospheres. Extracted, processed and polished to the perfectly smooth exterior and without any flaw. 100% handmade without the use of any chemicals or additives. Behind all of this is the brand of luxury natural intimate aids Chakra Original™. Gemstones are beautiful as well as we - women! If you comprehend gemstones energy and your inner self, then you have a beautiful and functional tool for how to deeper understand your human being.


Every Chakra Original aid is handmade work of art, in which is hidden the power of nature and deep intimate connection with yourself. Chakra Original is even more than that. It is connected with the pure energy of nature, which pervades through the body and keeps life’s energy on its path. Our Chakra is way beyond typical erotic aids, and so it can be a key how to heal your own intimate traumas by the use of minerals energy. It goes hand in hand with enhancing your sexual experience and health prevention. Since 2020 we are also in Slovakia. 

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