The basis of health is understanding myself, loving myself truly and with sincere inner love, forgiving everyone and abandoning everything that is toxic to my body on all levels.

Let yourself be guided on the path to understanding and finding your original essence of "your SELF" in this life to a lifetime of happiness and joy.

Semi-precious stones and minerals are like an add-on to the Chakra Original e-shop - in fact, healing energy from nature. Minerals act as very efficient receivers and transmitters of energy. The invisible molecules of the atom that permeate all matter on this planet are literally concentrations of positive energy.

Erotic glass and minerals

We continue to stay with intimate accessories, but we will focus exclusively on Czech production and beautiful accessories made of glass and silicone. These products are not only of high quality, but serve the purpose just as well as the semi-precious stone range. The only thing that you, the lover of stones, might be wondering about is the energy that the current dildo and yoni eggs have thanks to the natural material.

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Pelvic floor and functional training

A fulfilled intimate life - A functional and pain-free back -  More strength.

I have been working on the proper functioning of the pelvic floor for several years now, and I must say that even after all this time, I am surprised by how much we women do not understand ourselves. How we tend to hurt ourselves in our efforts to work on ourselves.

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Tantra or Yoga

Many people imagine many things under the term Tantra, but not what Tantra really is. Even Yoga itself is much deeper in its essence. If we go back to the very roots of these words, we will find that they will lead us much further, much deeper. But in principle, both achieve the same results, even though they are contradictory.

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The real cause of the disease, not only in women

If we admit that sudden emotional outbursts of anger, shock situations from unpleasant news can have an adverse effect on human health, then let us realize how much deeper and more serious consequences must be caused by a permanent conflict between soul and body. This imbalance causes damage in the long term, which in many cases can be irreversible.

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Intimate Healing

Intimate Healing means healing yourself at the innermost level. It concerns authenticity in its pure form touching the physical plane in its ultimate form. As a priority, we go to the core of our own body through cleaning the head on a conscious level, removing blocks in the subconscious that hold us back, and only then can we start clean work in the pelvic area. 

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a well-known Czech sexologist at an erotic fair said these true words after his presentation on erectile support tablets: "and it still doesn't work"... The irony of all is that these "miracle pills" continue to run in the evening commercials as the main product for supporting erection and improving sexual energy as an effective aphrodisiac. And that's why in our Chakra Original e-shop you won't find any chemical food supplement for erection support among the Aphrodisiacs, which manifests itself as side effects.

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Magnesite energy from nature

Yoni Magnesite egg has a strong effect on the mind, puts brain hemispheres in harmony, helps to evoke stimulating thoughts and facilitate their introduction in life.

Yoni magnesite eggs have a calming effect on the human mind, bringing resistance to emotional stress.

This mineral represents support for nervous and frightened individuals. It helps them overcome irritability and intolerance.

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Aphrodisiac Erotic chocolate

Today's article about an erotic aphrodisiac product for long-term erection maintenance is based on the personal experience of a healthy man in his 50s who only wanted to try the erotic chocolate to check if what they say is really true. You will also learn here what we did not write in the previous article about the effective ingredients for the VIP Power Gel aphrodisiac.

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Life energy Yoni eggs Carnelian

Carnelian removes its positive energy and protects against envy, malice, anger. It soothes anger and prevents the emergence of negative feelings, which it replaces with love for life.

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Natural Aphrodisiac

In today's article, we will focus on the herbal composition and effectiveness of all important natural substances contained in the Aphrodisiac VIP Power Gel, which we sell in the Chakra Original e-shop. And I have to say with great pleasure that these are high-quality natural ingredients without chemical preservatives with interesting effectiveness in comprehensive health care.

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Yoni Eggs Amethyst

Amethyst is an extremely powerful stone with tremendous protective power and high spiritual vibrations.

It protects the user from nearby psychic attacks as it transforms their energy into love.

It is a natural sedative because it can block geopathic zones and all negative energies permeating the environment near you.

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Mystical and protective labradorite

The therapeutic use of this stone is primarily for eye and brain disorders. It brings relief from stress and regulates metabolism. The energy of this semi -precious stone heals colds, gout and rheumatism.

The Labradorite stone soothes too active mind and at the same time gives the energy of your imagination by bringing new positive and inspiring ideas.

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Aventurine semi-precious stone

Yoni eggs and Aventurín intimate wands can induce a pleasant feeling of balance in the body.

The mineral Aventurín maintains the balance between female and male energy, supports regeneration of the heart.

On the spiritual plane, Aventurine protects the heart chakra, helping to defend and protect against psychic vampirism draining heart energy!

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Gift for woman

You don't know what gift to buy your partner, or are you a woman and want to make yourself happy with a suitable mineral?

Then you are in the right place on the website of the Chakra Original e-shop with its offer of semi-precious stones and intimate minerals.

The e-shop offers several options to make yourself happy with a beautiful gift, or as a man to please and positively surprise your partner.

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Red Jasper semi-precious stone

Discover the mental and physical properties of the semi-precious Red Jasper. Balance - Equilibrium - Love - Understanding. Try Yoni eggs or Red Jasper intimate wands, which remove negative energy, body toxicity, or harmonize sexual energy.

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The mysterious energy of Yoni's Lizardite egg

The mineral Lizardite, or Antigorite, is offered in Europe as a semi-precious stone, Jadeite. However, jadeite is a very expensive semi-precious stone and is priced at the level of rare emeralds. Therefore, if any merchant offers Jadeite for sale, be very careful! Semi-precious stone Lizardite belongs to the SERPENTINE group of minerals, which is a designation for minerals that contain more than twenty different types of minerals. And therein lies the uniqueness of Lizardite semi-precious stones.

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Yoni Egg Tiger Eye

The tiger's eye combines the earth's energy with the energies of the Sun in order to use them to induce a state of high energy vibrations, which are nevertheless grounded and bring spiritual energy to the earth.

A tiger's eye placed on the third eye supports the mental abilities of earth-oriented people. It balances the lower chakras and promotes the growth of kundalini energy.

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Energy from Crystal

Clear and transparent crystal has been considered a symbol of balance and purity since ancient times.
Many ancient scientists considered crystal to be non-freezing ice. It is from this statement that the word crystal was derived from the Greek Krustallos – ice.

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Properties of Yoni Eggs Obsidian

Obsidian was formed from molten lava that solidified so quickly that it did not have time to crystallize. It is a stone without boundaries and without limitations. Thanks to this, it works extremely quickly and with enormous power.

The obsidian semi-precious stone helps the truth, reflects individual human qualities and mercilessly reveals cracks, weaknesses and blocks.

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anal orgasm and multiorgasm

Both men and women have the pudendal nerve, which is connected from the left and right sides of the anal part of the body,

In women, this sensitive erotic nerve weaves through the uterus, labia minora and labia majora, through the clitoris to the anus.

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For women consulting
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Natural Energy from Yoni Eggs Dragon Blood Vermilion

Yoni egg Dragon's blood - Vermilion has fewer energetic properties, but all the more effective. As with other Yoni Eggs, the Yoni Egg must be carried close to you (after use). Especially Dragon's Blood - Vermilion, which attracts abundance and increases the ability to be persuasive, especially in business and negotiations.

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What makes Chakra Original unique

By connecting the Chakra Original e-shop with the program for women Intim Fitness & Harmony of Women, a perfect combination was created for overall care of your body and health.

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Yoni eggs and the language of minerals

Yoni eggs and minerals generally strongly activate the pelvic floor and can be very helpful if the choice of type of Yoni or intimate minerals is correct. It can very easily happen that after buying specific Yoni eggs, you suddenly don't feel like using them. In short, you won't even know why you don't want to use them. Yoni, or intimate minerals, will remain unnoticed in a bedside table or somewhere in a box, which is a great pity.

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Opalite a mineral of love and passion

Tanning has long been associated with love and passion, with desire and eroticism. It is a semi-gem of temptation that intensifies feelings, releases inhibitions and dissolves intimate traumas.

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Sexual harmony of a woman

Sexual energy is the elixir of life. Women who have killed this energy in themselves, whether on purpose or not, are "dead" women.

The expression on their face and the energy that radiates around them is clearly perceptible, and it is not for nothing that there are unpleasant rumors about such women, unfortunately based on the truth.

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Pelvic health and energy secrets
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Yoni Eggs and Dildo - Activation and programming

Crystals heal holistically. Correctly translated, this means that the stones work simultaneously on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
They perfectly synchronize the energy and remove the overall imbalance in all levels of our life by getting to the root of the problem.

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Yoni eggs and Sign of the Zodiac

Is date of birth sufficient to determine the right intimate mineral and when choosing a Yoni egg?

Certainly not, it is only and only an assumed influence, a subtle recommendation. In addition, the ascending and descending signs of each of us intervene in everything.

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Pelvic floor health

What is hidden behind the term intimate fitness, to us among many others
of interest and important information for the development of the beauty and health of the female body
reveals Anita Nadette, body mind lecturer, motivational coach, personal
trainer and lecturer just for intimate fitness.

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Yoni Eggs and Intimate Wand

If you are not using Yoni eggs or other crystals, wrap them in silk or velvet after cleaning. This prevents the minerals from absorbing extraneous radiation. There are a few stones that can cleanse your yoni egg or intimate yoni wands and they are citrine, kyanite and azetulite. Pure quartz and carnelian can clean other semi-precious stones, but they also need cleaning afterwards.

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Harmony of a woman

First of all, it is important to understand that a woman who does not function internally, does not know her inner self, does not know and understand her own "woman", does not create the right internal vibration. This vibration is very crucial to how it ultimately attracts or perhaps even repels its counterpart.

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Gua Sha and Face Roller

The Face Roller became very popular in Asia in the late sixteenth. century for its energizing and rejuvenating effects. For its beautifying and rejuvenating effect, but also for its harmonizing and relaxing properties
and massage ritual. Face Roller is mostly different at the end. 

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Yoni energy and pelvic floor health

In the last part of our series about the search for the female essence, our lecturer
Body Mind, motivational coach, personal trainer and lecturer of Intim Fitness & Harmony of Women, Anita Burkoň told about her own difficult journey to find what today creates a stable foundation not only for her life, but is also an effective help to many other women who want to live their lives and create in harmony with themselves.

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Yoni eggs from a man's point of view

Yoni eggs from a man's point of view

I have to admit that this article was created mainly due to the active interest of men who buy women Yoni eggs and intimate minerals mostly as gifts.

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Yoni egg free

Get a free Yoni Egg, Gua Sha, or Face Roller with your order.

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Certified Yoni eggs

I will issue a certificate of authenticity for a yoni egg only if it is 100% pure on the entire surface, natural from the given type of mineral, without the presence of any chemistry, dyes or other type of mineral or inclusion.

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Secret Ceres intimate health and vaginal rejuvenation
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