Properties of Yoni Eggs Obsidian

Obsidian was formed from molten lava that solidified so quickly that it did not have time to crystallize. It is a stone without boundaries and without limitations. Thanks to this, it works extremely quickly and with enormous power.

The obsidian semi-precious stone helps the truth, reflects individual human qualities and mercilessly reveals cracks, weaknesses and blocks.

Obsidian can offer a way to get rid of all destructive and debilitating properties. This mineral encourages further personal growth and provides steady support throughout the process.

Obsidian needs to be handled with great care, ideally to consult with someone who works with energies (Wellness studio Nadette, Ms. Anita) when using it for the first time, because this stone can bring to the surface negative emotions and unpleasant truths that we have stored in the "unconscious". subconscious mind (cell memory).

For many people, the energy of Obsidian can be overwhelming due to the great power of this stone


Obsidian is a very strong protective stone - a shield against everything negative!

This mineral helps anchor the base chakra to ground and connect positively with the center of the earth. It effectively absorbs negative energies from the surrounding environment and when needed helps the wearer to strengthen and protect his personality, body and aura.


The obsidian semi-precious stone is an extremely effective helper for therapists, healers and even business consultants as a tool to penetrate to the core of the problem, but also to remove negative energies.

It is among the stones that soothe, relieve stress and tension and, on the contrary, induce a state of calm, balance and harmony.


In terms of health, Obsidian facilitates digestion, rids the body of toxic substances, and has a positive effect on hardening of blood vessels.

Reduces pain in arthritis, joint problems, spasms and injuries. Obsidian energy has an excellent effect on blood circulation. It warms the limbs and can be used to shrink an enlarged prostate. You can find more health uses of this mineral in the Yoni eggs section.


Apart from intimate use, obsidian is also recommended to be placed under the pillow at night. After each all-day use or intimate use, it is recommended to wash this stone in lukewarm water for approximately one minute - the stone will release the accumulated negative energy.

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