The mysterious energy of Yoni's Lizardite egg

The mineral Lizardite, or Antigorite, is offered in Europe as a semi-precious stone, Jadeite. However, jadeite is a very expensive semi-precious stone and is priced at the level of rare emeralds. Therefore, if any merchant offers Jadeite for sale, be very careful! Lizardite semi-precious stone belongs to the SERPENTINE group of minerals, which is a designation for minerals that contain more than twenty different types of minerals. And therein lies the uniqueness of Lizardite semi-precious stones.

The mysterious energy of Lizardite lies in its extreme sensitivity to the human body, and it can perfectly connect its gentle acting energy with cosmic and astral energy (for some, angelic).

Thanks to this connection with the human body, it receives an astral guide, a unified energy is created as a whole, and this allows insight into the past, present and future. That is why this stone is called the mineral of infinity.

The Lizardite yoni egg evokes the ability to empathize, forgive yourself, and come to terms with all that you have been through in the past.


Lizardite heals overall imbalances and relieves emotional burdens from previous relationships.

Lizardite mineral for meditations and spiritual problems. Effectively cleanses the chakras and stimulates the activity of the crown chakra. This semi-precious stone opens the mental faculties and makes it easier to understand the spiritual basis of life. The yoni egg is unique for healing and balancing the kundalini energy.

Assists in re-finding wisdom and evoking memories of past lives.

On the physical level of the body, the Lizardite Yoni Egg is extremely effective in cleaning and breaking down poisonous substances from tissues and blood.

This mineral Lizardite is said to ensure longevity.

Light green Lizardite is excellent for pain relief, especially for menstrual and muscle cramps.


Use this infinity stone if you want to meet someone from your past.


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