Gua Sha and Face Roller

The Face Roller became very popular in Asia in the late sixteenth. century for its energizing and rejuvenating effects. For its beautifying and rejuvenating effect, but also for its harmonizing and relaxing properties
and massage ritual. Face Roller is mostly different at the end. The smaller roller is used to massage hard-to-reach facial areas
(around the eyes, lips, eyelids, nose), while we massage the neck, cheeks and forehead with a stronger roller. Face Roller is ideal for softening, effective for skin aging and
on wrinkled features on the face. Usually, under stress, our body moves blood from the skin to the muscles in order to subconsciously react, which results in deterioration of the skin.

Therefore, the Face Roller removes muscle tension around the jaws and stimulates the skin, promoting the elimination of toxins, excess fluids and the restoration of blood circulation.
Therefore, the ideal time of use is 2 to 3 times a day within a few tens of minutes.
We recommend using the Face Roller in combination with a quality face serum or cream. An absolutely perfect combination is in the case of Facial Yoga exercises, where professional exercises are combined with the massage effects of the Face Roller and a specific type of stone.
The effectiveness of the massage can be seen practically immediately in the blood flow to the face. In the long term, elements of the softening of permanent wrinkles and, depending on the length of use, their smoothing are more visible.

The ancient healing technique of Gua Sha restores facial energy, facial rejuvenation and the lymphatic process.

Massage with Gua Sha breaks down and removes accumulated toxins, softens and smoothes wrinkles.

Massages can also be performed on the entire body, ideally on overworked muscles.

We recommend massage with Gua Sha two to three times a week, ideally for acne-free skin.

Facial massage with Gua Sha is recommended for a few minutes. It is ideal to massage the skin in combination with skin oil, rejuvenating cream or a quality serum.

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