Yoni Eggs Amethyst

Amethyst is an extremely powerful stone with tremendous protective power and high spiritual vibrations.

It protects the user from nearby psychic attacks as it transforms their energy into love.

It is a natural sedative because it can block geopathic zones and all negative energies permeating the environment near you.

Amethyst Yoni eggs have a strong healing and cleansing power, supporting spiritual awareness on all levels.

If the Amethyst Yoni Egg is used regularly it opens the gate to a higher level of reality.

The balance of energy from the Amethyst Yoni Egg contributes to achieving a higher state of consciousness, ideal for meditation.

In the past, Amethyst was also used as a pendant and anti-drunkenness because it promotes sobriety.

This mineral is ideal for overall moderation and balance, for all those who have excessive carnal desires.

Amethyst overcomes all addictions and blocks of all kinds.

This mineral works perfectly for the beneficial effect of the mind, which it can stimulate and calm. It can reduce anxiety, improve concentration and keep things under control for new thoughts and inspiring ideas.

If you use the Yoni egg Amethyst during sleep, you can expect strong experiences associated with being outside the body. Amethyst brings intuitive dreams! Transforms lower energies into higher vibrations in the spiritual and etheric realm!

Amethyst mineral energy supports the transformation of intention into reality. Mentally, it calms, unifies and helps the transmission of nerve signals in the brain. It helps against insomnia caused by excessive mental activity and protects against recurring nightmares.

The energy of the Amethyst Yoni Egg improves memory and motivation, leading to a single-minded focus on more realistic life goals.

This stone perfectly balances energy and maintains the balance between "high and low".

Removes fear, anger, worry, anger, suppresses sadness and regret. It helps to deal with the experienced loss.

The amethyst energy of the Yoni egg brings "divine" love that offers a glimpse into the true essence of man.

Amethyst semi-precious stone is ideal for medicinal use.

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