Energy from Crystal

Clear and transparent crystal has been considered a symbol of balance and purity since ancient times.
Many ancient scientists considered crystal to be non-freezing ice. It is from this statement that the word crystal was derived from the Greek Krustallos – ice.

Crystal is a colorless variety of Quartz (SIO2). It is mostly found in the form of crystals in the vault crystal system with a hardness of 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs scale. It forms like most silicates by crystallizing from magma. Crystal is a widely used stone in jewelry, in laser technology and radio technology, for the production of optical instruments and in the glass industry. O
It is very popular as a collection stone.

Due to their unique spiral crystal form, Crystal Quartz is the most powerful healing crystal and the most powerful energy enhancer on this planet.
Yoni eggs of Crystal absorb, store, release and regulate energy. They are excellent at unblocking negative energy. Yoni egg Crystal significantly improves the biomagnetic field.
The crystal removes muscle spasms and protects against radiation ideal for areas where the property is either built on radon or energetically poor subsoil.

Working with the vibrational energy of the Yoni eggs Crystal allows us to tune in to the specific energy we need to heal or fulfill a spiritual task.
The crystal brings the energy of the human body to the most perfect state possible, thereby removing accumulated imbalances.
The Yoni egg crystal cleans and heals individual organs, at the same time it leads to a deep cleansing of the soul and the connection of the spirit dimension with the mind.
On a spiritual level, the Crystal increases energy to the highest possible level. The crystal enhances psychic abilities and attunes you to the psychic abilities you are chosen for.

If a Yoni egg or an intimate wand is used, the Crystal can filter out all negative and disturbing influences during meditation.
On a mental level, the Crystal helps to focus and releases "locked" memory. It is an excellent energy saver.
Quartz Crystal is the most perfect healing stone and can be used to solve any problem. It supports the activity of the immune system and brings the body into balance.

Therefore, do not hesitate and try the unique energy of a Yoni egg or an intimate crystal wand.

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