Aventurine semi-precious stone

helps calm and soothe heartaches. It brings things back under control and helps well in a harmful environment. It helps with stomach upsets and dispels negative emotions and thoughts.

Aventurine semi-precious stone is a versatile healing agent that brings a sense of balance and mental well-being.


Yoni eggs and Aventurín intimate wands can induce a pleasant feeling of balance in the body.

The mineral Aventurín maintains the balance between female and male energy, supports regeneration of the heart.

On the spiritual plane, Aventurine protects the heart chakra, helping to defend and protect against psychic vampirism draining heart energy!


In medical use, the semi-precious stone Aventurine is useful when it has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland, ensuring the connection of the tissue with the nervous system. It helps maintain the balance of blood pressure and stimulates the metabolism. Aventurine lowers cholesterol levels, acts preventively against the development of arteriosclerosis and outbreaks of allergies.

This stone helps relieve migraines and has a beneficial effect on the eyes. Aventurine heals the adrenal glands, lungs, sinuses, heart and urogenital system. In the form of an elixir, it brings relief from skin problems.


Aventurine semi-precious stone is a stone that has a very favorable effect on everything related to prosperity and wealth.

Aventurine in the form of a Yoni egg, which is carried around, fully absorbs electromagnetic smog and protects against environmental pollutants. This stone mitigates or completely cancels the impact of negative situations and turns them into their opposite.

On the mental level, Aventurín strengthens the ability to manage other people and to make decisions. This stone provides the ability to sympathize and empathize with the minds of other people. It has a positive effect on endurance.

Aventurine semi-precious stone helps significantly with stuttering and severe neuroses, as it facilitates the understanding of the problem behind these disorders.

Aventurine stabilizes the mental state, promotes receptivity and increases creativity.

This semi-precious stone supports the expression of our feelings and staying in the heart of another person.

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