Yoni eggs from a man's point of view

Yoni eggs from a man's point of view

I have to admit that this article was created mainly due to the active interest of men who buy women Yoni eggs and intimate minerals mostly as gifts.

This growing trend of men's interest in Yoni eggs was most noticeable last fall, and I am happy about it for myself, because the interest in a quality intimate life, the intimate health of one's partner is a very important part of coexistence in every relationship.

What motivates men to buy Yoni eggs?

There are certainly several interconnected functional properties of Yoni eggs that resonate here, but in the larger case they are the positive experiences of women who have learned what it is like to be able to control the internal muscles of the pelvic floor, which then has a very positive effect on, for example, the uterus, which does not have the ability to move or turn.

You can find a summary of all the positive and healing properties of the Yoni egg in our e-shop, always with a specific type of Yoni egg. Therefore, it makes no sense to describe again the properties of the Yoni egg here.

Men also like to search and discover something new, and thanks to the Yoni egg, it brings new positive intimate and healing impulses into the relationship.

All men's stories are similar. Mostly there is some experience in the field of health and improving sexuality in your partner.

I have to say for myself that the Yoni egg should be "in the mandatory equipment of every woman" as a daily intimate healing energy tool for the pelvic floor (Intimate Fitness: www.nadette.cz).

How did it all start?

If someone had asked me fifteen years ago about the healing and intimate energy of a semi-precious stone, I would probably have tapped my forehead and left with a smile. ..

But let's start from the beginning of the whole story.

In life you can have absolutely everything and nothing at the same time, which was my case fifteen years ago.

And as usual, if something isn't right your body will show you! I had a disease of both kidneys, when every time I made any movement I stopped breathing with extreme pain in my chest and when the medicine no longer worked and even the doctors didn't know what to do with it.

Then something happened that I absolutely did not expect. Literally at the last minute, I received a recommendation from my friends for a "shaman" (now a friend) who actively works with energy from stones and semi-precious stones.

I was the first to visit an energetic and, in my opinion, very strong "healing" place in the Czech Republic called the Kounovská stone range, where each stone fulfills its specific function and it is advisable to have a knowledgeable guide here.

The unbelievable has become reality! Immediately after the first visit with our "Shaman" Joachim at Kounovské řády, I felt a huge relief, the pain subsided.

I could breathe freely and fully again!!! Of course, other therapeutic steps and a rest regime also followed.

I received healing instructions, recommendations and also a large white Crystal - activated to withdraw negative energy from the body. I carried this beautiful clear Crystal with me as much as possible, whenever and wherever. To my astonishment, this Crystal turned completely brown after a year of wear, turned black in places, and subsequently disintegrated within two years....


At this moment, I realized a lot and completely stopped "laughing" at things that we humans know very little about and what the infinite space in the universe allowed us to perceive on this planet only intuitively / unconsciously, or only in a state after death to energy that never dies and that is our soul (neurons).


Another important factor in my life was getting to know my wonderful wife, who actively works with the energy of Reconnection, helps women to solve various health problems  (in her program for women ZenZai Fitness & Harmony of Women: www.nadette.cz).

I also looked at this healing benefit (Reconnection) with great respect, because I would never have thought that there was healing and healing from various diseases through the hands!

When our first article and course on pelvic floor energy and health called Intimate Healing was created four summers ago, my wife (a certified Fitness trainer of the Ministry of Education and Culture) had the idea to connect Fitness exercise lessons for women also in intimacy and sexuality with Yoni eggs - at her Workshops for women:


At the time when my wife was actively using Yoni eggs, she actively connected wearing Yoni eggs with her unique Intimate & Fitness exercise methodology.

After some time of using the Yoni egg, after about two months (exercises with the Yoni eggs), the first results and signs of effectiveness appeared, during which my wife felt the healing effects of the Yoni eggs.

What made me very happy and what I did not expect at all, especially for a woman after three difficult births (three children) and at almost fifty years old, how the internal muscles of the pelvic floor began to function more in intimate coexistence.

Therefore, I think that every woman deserves to be healthy, seductive and intimately attractive, and every man should be a good listener in what a woman desires.

Mutual intimate satisfaction is one of the important factors of a lasting relationship, and Yoni eggs certainly help significantly in this regard. Why?

From the point of view of pure sexuality, Yoni eggs create an intense "massage hand" in the pelvic floor of a woman (after some time of wearing and exercising). Stronger feelings arousals are mutual in both men and women.


Of course, the question here is what size and weight of Yoni egg is suitable? From the point of view of my Intimate Fitness trainer wife, I have to unequivocally answer and confirm!

Have all the basic sizes and weights. Why?

Because the internal muscles of the pelvic floor receive different impulses in different sizes and weight loads, they learn, stimulate, work and adapt better.

Therefore, I recommend having sizes S, M, L, XL, and for advanced women it is advisable to switch to Fitness Yoni eggs Hematite - active Fitness (extremely heavy Yoni eggs - see description in the e-shop).


In conclusion, I would like to add to this article what I consider very important and without which these lines lose their meaning.

Every quality and good relationship includes: COMMUNICATION, true and honest communication, love, humility, forgiveness.

From the bottom of his heart, Petr wishes you beautiful days on your journey through life



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