Yoni energy and pelvic floor health

In the last part of our series about the search for the female essence, our lecturer
Body Mind, motivational coach, personal trainer and lecturer of Intim Fitness & Harmony of Women, Anita Burkoň told about her own difficult journey to find what today creates a stable foundation not only for her life, but is also an effective help to many other women who want to live their lives and create in harmony with themselves.

What impulse came when you were taking care of women as a make-up artist and personal trainer?

I was looking for some Yoni supplement for my pelvic floor exercise methods. The road was still foggy at that time, I had no idea what awaited me. The whole process was natural, non-violent, and the women themselves literally blossomed more under my hands.

I fine-tuned my exercise techniques, tested them together with customers. When I read the so-called wise books, I found out that I have been using everything for a long time, and often I did not even agree with what was written in them, because the practice was radically different. This showed me that I was going in the right direction. The journey to Chakra Original was already the last point, when one of my personal meetings literally started this whole project.

Do you have any feedback from your customers?


Of course, and the fact that we are going in the right direction is mainly reflected in the feedback from customers who return, turn to us,

they ask for workshops, and above all, they call us more and more often and write that they like it here.

Are you preparing any news for your customers?

One of the current upcoming changes is the revitalization of the website, which I am very much looking forward to. Not only Project Chakra,
but also Zenzai Fitness (www.nadette.cz - from 30.10.2021) is waiting for a new coat. We have prepared a lot of news, new types of stones, accessories for women, in short, it's alive with us! But what is still most important - we are

original in the complexity, transparency and connection of what we offer. In customer service, our Chakra Original e-shop  is a wonderful addition to all of this. It makes us happy to make happy, and that's what Chakra Original is all about.

It's not just me, that's why I'm speaking in the plural, but my husband and daughter, with whom we create the whole project and without whom it wouldn't have come into existence at all and couldn't function so wonderfully. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for that.

What is Chakra all about today?

Today, I would probably use the name holistic care of female energy, or rather female wealth. Nothing works

separate, everything fits like a puzzle. My path, education and experience fit together incredibly. So today I can perhaps also thank all the people and situations thanks to which I could experience knowledge and create this wonderful project for women, which is constantly growing under my hands.

What is your original profession?

A general nurse, which I appreciate very much today, because medical education in my field is more than necessary.

We can understand the body from several levels, and how the muscles work, what goes on in the body is an inseparable part of everything.

I've enjoyed creating something since elementary school, and I've always had that "something extra". Any thing comes into my life and I can deal with it. I always find a way, and I enjoy it. This whole process led me to deep experiences and practice that you won't find in books.

Yes, I have completed a lot of training, read a lot of books, but I have to say with complete peace of mind that this is really not enough. The inner setting must always be connected with where you are going in life, what you want and why.

External self-care is important, but when you start to understand that's only part of it, then you'll want the rest.

What techniques do you use today?

By combining the issues of femininity and the results of my customers, everything started to fit together more, which gave rise to my methodology "Intimate Fitness & Harmony of Women". It is a comprehensive psychology through movement and the harmonization of energy levels in the connection of the body's internal and external energy.

Whether it's craniosacral therapy, deep revitalization of the pelvis with gentle touch, healing codes, or just motivational coaching, the active involvement of the customer is always important. Passive acceptance of anything never works. I then add Bach essences and various intimate oils as needed.

What is needed to achieve optimal weight?

I teach women to perceive this process in such a way that they understand that it is not just about losing twenty kilos. It is a lifelong change of habits, but mainly the removal of blocks, the comparison of the psyche. The energy in the pan helps a lot. We enhance the whole process with special exercise and breathing exercises. Women need to understand that there are emotional pounds that are usually held very tightly. This again has to do with the internal setting of the self. My methodology is based on naturalness and one complements the other, none can be excluded. Movement, which I have shifted into interesting forms, whether of the yogic or dynamic type, is still crucial.

Many women often feel that energy, life does not flow in the pelvic area. What with this?

That's how it is, and I have to say that I feel it when women come to me for individual treatment. Stagnant energy and blocks

I notice it very often with customers and we then remove them together. Nothing happens overnight. I always say that if

a woman doesn't have to 

farm energy in the pan, as a woman dies! It is good to perceive this feeling as an important signal.

Can a woman go to the opposite extreme, where she does "nothing" for years and then overdoes everything?

I also often encounter this opposite pole of work on myself, and that is when women overdo it with their energies, and until-
words shoot out into space and still think it's right. They burn energy in their chakras trying to help, or they go

somewhere for tantra, and they are not ready for this energy. They literally float outside of themselves and are oblivious to reality.

By focusing their attention correctly, they learn to perceive their own inner processes, their energy and not let it be taken away

by others. Women become puppets of their children, partners or work colleagues, but this is wrong. You can't live life according to others,

but your own. It is important to want to enjoy your own process and allow yourself to be a woman.

What are your results in your practice?

I help women comprehensively. There is no universal guidance here, but what is definitely necessary is healthy self-reflection

and the realization that you need to start working on yourself. Then we will discuss together what is the most burning, and in combination with direct therapy on the couch, we will start straightening the body to rest. I focus on relaxing the pelvis, energizing the body, comparing fluctuations. I am based on years of cranio-sacral treatment practice, which I have embellished during that time with specific techniques focused on energy points in the pelvis, spine and head.

Whether a woman moves is always up to her, I am the mediator. We have wonderful results, be they conceived

babies, improvement in health, appearance, in short, a woman lights up, and it's quite noticeable. One of the last
of the wonderful results of such work is my customer and a wonderful woman who came with a tumor in the area of the liver.

We started working on the perception of her personality, why it came about, and other subtle techniques that I teach.

After 3 months, she called me with the result of the ultrasound, when she happily informed me that the mass was half the size.

I am only pointing out the work on myself.
The philosophy of my work is to teach women to perceive their bodies correctly in all aspects. Nothing can be separated from each other. Inner beauty

it is stronger than the outer one and make-up will not cover the inner flaws. In the same way, the opposite attitude towards yourself cannot work either.

So he learns harmony, balance, to set priorities correctly. But there's still movement built into it all. Any.
If someone doesn't enjoy working out, then we are looking for a way to move so that even ordinary walking becomes a joy.

Then the right energy flows in the body, which clears the way for other mechanisms.

The reasons and paths of the women who come to me are very similar, their life stories are different, but there is one thing in common.

Whether we're dealing with weight loss, health, relationships, sex or anything else, we always come to our own internal settings. There is
the right key to success.

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