Mystical and protective labradorite

Each of the article on this blog is primarily designed for the current properties of a particular semi -precious stone. Like yoni eggs, the dildos may not always be intended only for intimate purposes. Their used is wide. Usually it is enough to be near a particular semi -precious stone.


Labradorite is a semi -precious -stone of astral knowledge that enables an arrival to mysterious mystery.

This mineral consists of compliance with the astral and physical sphere of the body and both connect with the spiritual goal to which they are heading.

Labradorite increases the level of consciousness and grounds spiritual energy into a lower physical body.

This stone supports the correct timing of the development of intuition and mental gifts that are hidden in each of us.

Labradorite mineral brings various messages from the subconscious to the surface and allows them to understand.


In mental life, the labradorite suppresses the fear, uncertainty and the remains of past disappointments. It strengthens faith in itself and the whole universe. It removes other people's ideas, including thoughts attacking your aura.

The Labradorite stone soothes too active mind and at the same time gives the energy of your imagination by bringing new positive and inspiring ideas. It awakens the ability of self -reflection and a rational approach with internal insight into any situation. Labradorite evokes the state of meditation and introspection. It combines an intellectual view of intuitive wisdom. It is perfectly used to break unfounded illusions by penetrating the root of things and revealing the true intentions of hiding behind specific actions, thoughts and intentions. This stone provokes suppressed thoughts of the past.


Labradorite mineral is a useful guide at the time of changes, it is a stone that brings strength and endurance.

The uniqueness of this mineral is that it prepares the body and soul for further growth.


The therapeutic use of this stone is primarily for eye and brain disorders. It brings relief from stress and regulates metabolism. The energy of this semi -precious stone heals colds, gout and rheumatism.

It adjusts the hormone balance and relieves the menstrual voltage.

It has a positive effect on lowering blood pressure.

Semi -precious Labradorite can be used in radionic treatment and search for imbalances.

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