Sexual harmony of a woman

Sexual energy is the elixir of life. Women who have killed this energy in themselves, whether on purpose or not, are "dead" women.

The expression on their face and the energy that radiates around them is clearly perceptible, and it is not for nothing that there are unpleasant rumors about such women, unfortunately based on the truth.

But such a woman has a lot of internal pain, psychological blocks, and this will cause the energy in the pelvis to freeze. Libido decreases abnormally, or falls asleep completely. The vicious circle is in the world and a lot of associated health problems too. Cysts, fibroids, tumors, tension... The worst option is when such a woman voluntarily has her uterus removed without doing anything for herself. I have to say again from practice that even this can be saved.

Any health problem is a signal to "stop and realize why it's happening to you"! There is usually enough time for cutting. Having intimate intercourse and experiencing it with resistance is devastating. Not being present and not experiencing your true self - all of this creates an internal split that you might shake your head and think is fine, but it's a big deal! Trying to be a willing partner with a thought, whether "it" is over is like taking a knife and sticking it into your own body!

Activating the pelvic floor with the help of a Yoni egg and the proper flow of energy will significantly improve your intimate life. The sensitivity in the pelvic floor improves, self-awareness, the muscles are strong and you can also influence your partner beautifully with them.

A man who has his wife who works on him in this way has a much more sensitive experience of sex than with a woman who does not work on herself, and the same applies to the woman's intimate experience. In connection with your own physical activity, you can stir up your sexuality with the right treatment and enjoy everything beautiful, or you can also kill it completely.

It's all about access to yourself! And first of all, it is important to understand each other. To find out how the body works, how it is perfectly designed and that there is no need for any complexities to find your own way. The only obstacles in your way are your way of thinking and yourself. Without self-effort, you can't learn anything, not even concentration, let alone pelvic floor training. This is called laziness. It's just a matter of getting out of your comfort zone, having a healthy self-reflection and realizing that this is so. That it is necessary to move from theory to practice!

It is also necessary to learn how to properly exercise and train the muscles of the pelvic floor. And again I will rely on my more than 20 years of experience. In today's age of social networks, you can find an abundance of exercises and everything possible.. But.. With great humility for what I know, it is sometimes scary what is presented just for the purpose of visibility. But so be it. In short, the body needs to be shaped differently than from the outside. What's the point of going to the gym, or why do you actually practice yoga? Because it's modern? But go..Going somewhere because a friend is going there, or because it's so called "should" is a waste of time. Why are you going there if you haven't understood yourself…? It is the same with pelvic floor exercises using the Yoni egg and everything related to our femininity.

We want to have a nice ass, a well-developed stomach, but the fact that we can harm ourselves in these places with incorrect exercises is already a side note. And just as the bag literally burst open with the offer of all possible fitness classes, a lot of courses and workshops for pelvic floor exercises are also growing. And I would definitely recommend each of you to attend such a training so that you perceive yourself correctly.

If it doesn't suit you somewhere, or it didn't move you, try something else. In short, train and practice the way you enjoy it!

Even this exercise can be interesting and very effective after the first lesson. You are not only affecting the lower part of your own body on a physical level, but you are working with the cellular system.

And right here at the end of this article, it is necessary to highlight the importance of Yoni eggs and their significance in the area of the pelvic floor. This intimate accessory should not be missing for any woman who takes care of herself and cares about the healing process in the area of the pelvic floor as well as the overall experience in intimate life.

A woman who knows and knows how to work with the internal muscles of the pelvic floor not only experiences a stronger orgasm, but also satisfies herself and her partner more sexually.

And the generally known truth that sex is not the most important thing, but it is very important for the proper functioning of a partnership, takes on significant importance here.

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