anal orgasm and multiorgasm

Both men and women have the pudendal nerve, which is connected from the left and right sides of the anal part of the body,

In women, this sensitive erotic nerve weaves through the uterus, labia minora and labia majora, through the clitoris to the anus.


This neighborhood and connection in cooperation with the thin septum between the anus and the vagina when properly relaxed and dedicated to intimacy - erotica can cause a double, triple extremely strong multi-orgasm.


Some women describe this state as an extremely strong vibrational positive electric current of a rush of body pleasure, where they enter a completely different dimension of beautiful swoon and relaxation.


The female orgasm is clitoral and vaginal, if an anal orgasm is added to this, a state of fainting can occur through extreme sensitivity. Once again, everything works with proper relaxation and proper intimate harmony, as well as on the subconscious setting of each specific woman.

It must be noted here, and it is a sad reality, that the vast majority of women have never known an orgasm, let alone a vaginal and clitoral multi-orgasm.


Anal orgasm does not come immediately and this should be realized especially by men, eager men. Most women need subtlety and harmonious foreplay. After proper attunement, I recommend initially manual clitoris massage and gently blending with the anal part of the body.

Subsequently, anal plugs with energy from Chakra Original minerals are the ideal tool, when by initial circling and gentle movements around the intimate parts of the sensitive nerve endings of the anal part, everything is prepared for an anal orgasm and multi-orgasm.

Everything is individual and each woman can and does it differently in intimacy, mainly because a lot in our lives depends on subconscious settings and experiences from the long past, paradoxically most of all from positive or negative influence in childhood - there decisions are made not only about intimacy , but also about the overall setting in life.


Chakra Team

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