Natural Energy from Yoni Eggs Dragon Blood Vermilion

Yoni egg Dragon's blood - Vermilion has fewer energetic properties, but all the more effective. As with other Yoni Eggs, the Yoni Egg must be carried close to you (after use). Especially Dragon's Blood - Vermilion, which attracts abundance and increases the ability to be persuasive, especially in business and negotiations.

Dragon's Blood Mineral - Vermilion attracts financial gain without having to use aggressive behavior.


It has a positive effect on the ability to perfectly organize work or any other activity.

Yoni egg Dragon's blood - Vermilion can perfectly help if we want to raise our personality, to get a trustworthy and strong person.

It can show the way to outwardly smooth and elegant behavior. Dragon's Blood - Vermilion will help you to have a smooth flow of right thoughts and speech.


On a spiritual level, this mineral allows you to accept all things as they are. It reveals your energy blocks and maintains harmony and balance between individual energy centers!


Health and medicinal uses of Yoni eggs Dragon's blood - Vermilion:

helps to purify the blood. It gives strength and adaptability to the physical body. It maintains body weight and fundamentally increases fertility.

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