Opalite a mineral of love and passion

Tanning has long been associated with love and passion, with desire and eroticism. It is a semi-gem of temptation that intensifies feelings, releases inhibitions and dissolves intimate traumas.

The effect of these minerals in the form of Yoni eggs is particularly noticeable with regular use.

It acts as a stabilizing element of feelings, but sometimes it can also dissipate this energy, so the owner of this mineral must be more focused in relation to himself and Opalite.


Yoni egg Tanning will show you the true state of your feelings and emotions, teach you how to take responsibility for what you feel right now. Getting a tan encourages the expression of positive feelings!

Wearing the Opalite Yoni Egg encourages positive feelings and fidelity.

Opalite mineral treats Parkinson's disease, infections and fevers.

It cleans the blood and kidneys, regulates insulin levels and helps with childbirth. Eliminates premenstrual syndrome. As an elixir, it has a positive effect on the eyes.


Yoni egg Opalite is a very sensitive semi-precious stone with gentle vibrations. Accesses astral guidance and awakens mystical and spiritual guidance.

It helps to discover and connect with the true self. Tan takes in thoughts and feelings from the environment, amplifies them and sends them back to their source. The Oplait semi-precious stone ranks among the karmic minerals, which teaches us that everything we send out comes back.

The Opalite yoni egg also acts as a protective stone - as long as it is correctly programmed.

It can be used if you are going to a dangerous place. It will also fulfill its role during shamanic journeys, where one must be invisible.

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