Certified Yoni Eggs

I will issue a certificate of authenticity for a yoni egg only if it is 100% pure on the entire surface, natural from the given type of mineral, without the presence of any chemistry, dyes or other type of mineral or inclusion.


For intimate and erotic goods made from natural minerals, the quality and purity of each semi-precious stone is important, especially in the form of a Yoni egg.

Dildos and anal plugs are certified at the customer's request for an additional charge of CZK 1,000/pc.

The certification delivery time is 20 days. Considering that the Chakra Original minerals come from one production, certification is sufficient for a given Yoni egg, for example Ruženín Yoni, dildo and anal plug - they are from one type of stone.

How and when did the idea of regularly certifying minerals and semi-precious stones arise in the Chakra Original e-shop?

In July 2019, we fully took over the Chakra Original e-shop brand, including current stocks of Yoni eggs, intimate dildos and anal plugs. We wanted to be absolutely sure about the quality and purity of the goods.

Unfortunately, what we feared happened. For example, there was a great revival in the case of jadeite, where it was discovered that instead of jadeite (which basically does not exist as an original on the European market - and if it does, it is as expensive and rare as the Emerald) we have very interesting minerals Antigorite and Lizardite.

The irony of the above-mentioned accredited certification is also that the so-called The "merchant" who gave us the Chakra Original brand and goods in 2019 founded his new e-shop with Yoni eggs and even offers his Yoni eggs to the biggest discount websites, erotic sex shops and generally on the Internet in the Czech Republic.


Mineral certification does not distinguish from which continent the given type of stone comes from (for the energy of the minerals and the overall purity of the stone, this is not essential).

The most important thing is 100% surface cleanliness and also the fact that the Chakra Original semi-precious stone - Yoni egg, dildo and anal plug is made of one piece without chemical additives, glues and other impurities.

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