Harmony of a woman

First of all, it is important to understand that a woman who does not function internally, does not know her inner self, does not know and understand her own "woman", does not create the right internal vibration. This vibration is very crucial to how it ultimately attracts or perhaps even repels its counterpart.

A man who is close to such a woman simply "doesn't feel like it". We are talking about a real desire to merge with your wife,

where the physical plane is not in accordance with the internal setting, and it is only a matter of so-called "letting off steam".

We women generally have a stronger field and what we send out to our surroundings and therefore also to our partner, comes back to us in such a form. Such mirroring then affects the overall functioning of intimate life and how varied and rich it is, or boring, lifeless and often frustrating.

Many women think that make-up, hair and external beauty are essential and that this is enough. But the paradox is that men are more attracted to what a woman reflects from within herself. And it's the other way around too. How we like or dislike each other and what we basically radiate is perceptible to those around us on an unconscious level. That's why we can't judge couples if they match because we don't like them. Such partners are drawn to each other by inner strength and aligned chakras that connect with each other. This inner harmony acts like a magnet. That's why you may sometimes look in disbelief at spouses or lovers, in short, a couple who, according to your "standards", somehow do not visually fit together in a special way, but overall these two people appear very harmonious... Well, and "that's it"

Ladies, pounds of makeup won't hide your inner pain. Only you yourself have to realize them, process them and set your inner harmony. Everyone has the key, you just have to find it and use it! Let's use such a key to gradually open several important doors and reach our own mysterious gate.

The first key, and pretty much the most important, is to LIKE YOURSELF! But... I encounter a big problem that women not only don't know what it is to like themselves, but above all they don't know what it actually means... They sacrifice themselves for children, husband, family, mother-in-law... They do everything for someone, something and so that the neighbor does not say... he spends his time in a senseless way instead of devoting it to himself, etc., etc. He can retreat from his plans and principles at the expense of someone else, because he prefers to have peace... A sad fact, but still and still very common.

I went through such a period myself and for quite a long part of my life I thought, probably like all such women, that it was right. That if I do something for the other person at the expense of myself, that it's okay, but the opposite is true! And since we're on the subject of energy and pelvic floor health, let's look at it from that perspective.

If a woman treats herself with disrespect, changes partners, takes her husband as a necessary evil and takes intimate cohabitation as "just to get it over with", she is very well on the way to hell. She kills her inner woman healthily, psychologically, and in general, so that later in her older age she becomes that nasty, unpleasant woman, who is better not to be around...

Yes, those are the famous stories about "old maids".

Such behavior has a huge impact on the energy in the pelvis where stress knots form. And even if the person in question can so-called shake her head, excuse herself that it's actually okay, it's not like that at all. We can only be what we really are and what we feel like!!!

Desire is not in the body, for example such a corpse has no sexual desires. Desire is in consciousness if we identify with the body. Maybe someone will argue that it is enough to be positive, see everything in rosy colors and it will be covered... But where? Targeted and pressured positive thinking can do far more damage than we actually think. We are trying to convince our brain of something that we are not internally inclined to do. How then can we expect the expected positive result to occur?

No way... There is no positive and negative. All this is just a point of view, a state of consciousness and a current state of mind in a given situation. There are situations that happen to us for certain reasons, just like there are relationships that we have to experience for a reason! Once we understand the essence of why certain things happen to us, why we are still anchored in dead energy, why we keep choosing the same type of partner, then the first door on the way to ourselves will open! In short, be yourself because you are who you are and if you don't like that, then that's their problem!!

Our body is a living organism. It's still working, there's still something going on in it. It is simply a perfect process. And if we block something, if we still don't have our dream partner, we are still sick, grumpy, stressed... It's time to change that! By approaching ourselves, we influence the subtle internal dynamics and processes in the central nervous system.

Just try to realize where you are sticking your head, what you are still thinking about and what you are still thinking about? Even such a small change as changing one's own head will change the vibrations of the whole body.

From the program for women Intim Fitness & Harmony women.

Anita, author of comprehensive care and program, is looking forward to meeting you

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