Aphrodisiac Erotic chocolate

Today's article about an erotic aphrodisiac product for long-term erection maintenance is based on the personal experience of a healthy man in his 50s who only wanted to try the erotic chocolate to check if what they say is really true. You will also learn here what we did not write in the previous article about the effective ingredients for the VIP Power Gel aphrodisiac.

I'm not one of those people who need any aphrodisiacs, I'm healthy and at full strength for my age. But curiosity and the prospect of an interesting intimate atmosphere made me try this erotic chocolate one evening.
To be sure, I tasted only half of the erotic chocolate, and in a slightly ironic humor, my wife and I wondered what was going to happen...

And it really happened..., within twenty minutes my body started to vibrate slightly, the feeling of some other strong energy could not be overlooked. Erotic chocolate started to work and it was unbelievable how long it worked on the body. Each man is different physiologically, emotionally and mentally, so there is no single meter of dosage of erotic chocolate.
From my point of view, a healthy person of 50 years and weighing 85 kilos, I can responsibly declare that a dose of a maximum of one quarter or less of this aphrodisiac chocolate would be sufficient, even with the prospect of a possible later, second part of an intimate evening.
With a bit of humorous exaggeration, one could also say that after using all the erotic chocolate, no man can fit into his pants anymore....
In this regard, it is important to consider your partner as well, because not every woman can withstand hours of intimate games. I personally recommend consulting everything with your partner in advance, as it should be in every partnership.

As for the composition, the chocolate aphrodisiac and the VIP Power Gel aphrodisiac are very similar in their main composition, as was written in the previous blog post. Therefore, it is up to you to consider what will suit you more, natural Aphrodisiac in Gel or in chocolate.
It was only when I started to find out what the actual composition of our aphrodisiacs in erotic chocolate or VIP Power Gel is that I appreciated the qualities of this dietary supplement for our overall health when used sober.

As I wrote at the beginning, I will add information about the remaining two very important ingredients in our natural aphrodisiacs, which I did not write about in my last aphrodisiac blog post.

American ginseng is an adaptogen. It can help the body with different types of stress. Its white root is mainly used, which is an important active ingredient with various triterpenoid saponins called ginsenosides. Their ability is to influence the level of insulin and thus reduce the level of sugar in the blood. American ginseng is also used as a dietary supplement to strengthen the immune system and for upper respiratory tract infections. It has a mild, effective stimulating effect, which is somewhat smaller than that of true ginseng.


Siberian Ginseng is one of the most important Aphrodisiac ingredients in erotic chocolate. Its important properties include the promotion of sexual health, vitality and erection. It has a very positive effect on our mind, mental state, fatigue, stress, supports concentration, coordination and physical condition (lactic acid). It acts against weakness and exhaustion. It is an excellent antioxidant that supports proper blood circulation in the body and at the same time maintains a normal level of glucose in the blood!!!


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