Magnesite energy from nature

Yoni Magnesite egg brings deep peace to meditation and relaxation. Launched on the third eye makes it easier to induce visual experiences and imagination.

This mineral opens the heart chakra and stimulates sincere love - including love for yourself, which is essential before you adhere and attract the love of others.

Magnesite can significantly help in unconditional love in situations where relationships with other people are problematic for their behavior or habits.

Semi -preciousness Magnesit will help you feel in harmony, peace and allow others to be what they are (without demanding a change, or letting them interfere with their transformation).


In mental life, magnesite inquire to the surface of all self -polish. It helps to know unconscious - subconscious thoughts, their feelings and causes. Mineral Magnesite helps and teaches self -centered people to "settle down" for a while and learn carefully from others.

Yoni Magnesite egg has a strong effect on the mind, puts brain hemispheres in harmony, helps to evoke stimulating thoughts and facilitate their introduction in life.

Yoni magnesite eggs have a calming effect on the human mind, bringing resistance to emotional stress.

This mineral represents support for nervous and frightened individuals. It helps them overcome irritability and intolerance.


Therapeutic use of yoni eggs magnesite. It contains a large amount of magnesium that helps store in the body. At the same time, this stone has a detoxifying effect and neutralizes body odor.

Magnesite helps to release muscles and helps against cramps. In menstruation, it has a beneficial effect against pain in this period. The positive effect of semi -precious stones magnesite is also on stomach, intestines, varicose veins, bladder pain and kidney stones.

It brings relief in headaches, especially migraine. Magnesite slows blood clotting, accelerates fat metabolism and distracts cholesterol.

Yoni Magnesite egg prevents arteriosclerosis and angin pectoris. Semi -precious stroke magnesite also serves against heart disorders, maintains body temperature in balance, reduces fever and temperature.

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