Life energy Yoni eggs Carnelian

Yoni egg Carnelian perfectly restores vitality and effectively stimulates human abilities.

Psychologically, the semi-precious stone Carnelian bestows the ability to cope with the course of the life cycle and dispels the fear of death. It gives courage and brings a positive outlook on life. This mineral dispels apathy and motivates success in business and other areas of life.


This stone will help you gain faith in yourself as well as in what you perceive around you. It helps to penetrate to the very root of what makes our life unpleasant, and gives strength to persistent action.

Mentally, Yoni Egg Carnelian improves the ability to analyze and brings a clearer perception of the surrounding world. During meditation, it removes negative thoughts and helps tune daydreams into everyday reality.

Carnelian removes its positive energy and protects against envy, malice, anger. It soothes anger and prevents the emergence of negative feelings, which it replaces with love for life. This semi-precious stone brings sharper concentration.

Yoni egg Carnelian is full of life force and vitality. This semi-precious stone activates the base chakra, positively affects the female reproductive organs and increases fertility.

It is a stone that can overcome frigidity and impotence. Carnelian treats rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia and depression.

The mineral Carnelian regulates body fluids and kidney function. Accelerates the healing of bones and tendons. Carnelian semi-precious stone contributes to better absorption of vitamins and minerals. It also ensures good blood circulation to individual organs and tissues.

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