Yoni eggs and the language of minerals

Yoni eggs and minerals generally strongly activate the pelvic floor and can be very helpful if the choice of type of Yoni or intimate minerals is correct. It can very easily happen that after buying specific Yoni eggs, you suddenly don't feel like using them. In short, you won't even know why you don't want to use them. Yoni, or intimate minerals, will remain unnoticed in a bedside table or somewhere in a box, which is a great pity.


Choosing the right Yoni egg is not about the visual aspect, but about the feeling. And from practice I must say that attachment to certain types of stones is very common. It indicates an internal ossification, a reluctance to change, and this is where one of the inconspicuous blocks to moving forward can be. How the stone looks is one thing. The second one is what it can do and most importantly, you should want to use it, to be with it... Rosary, crystals, and other desirable types of stones are the driving force with the idea that they will "help". Yes, these types of Yoni are beautiful to look at, but why not reach for a Yoni egg of jasper, aventurine, rhodonite or carnelian? When using it alone, it is important to be in tune with your body and the reason why you actually want that type of stone. What manifests itself as an illness can only be blocked creativity, or emotional anxiety, stagnation, mental imbalance, etc. A correctly selected stone in the form of a yoni egg perfectly harmonizes not only the entire pelvic area, but also yourself.

Many of the new stones have a high vibration and their effect can be felt on multiple levels. If we want to achieve such a process, then we need to have our own vibrations aligned. The stone then adjusts slightly, emphasizing to you that you must go through your own process, which is inevitable for both spiritual and healing shift. You can find out whether the stone resonates with you a lot or a little and at what vibrational level you are by tuning into your own silence together with the stone. Either you have it installed in the form of a yoni egg, and you silently perceive how it works inside the body, or you just need to hold it in your hand.


Minerals are alive and breathe once every hundred or two hundred years. And many cultures believed that they were the embodiment of god - the universe. The shamans and healers who used the stones were of the same opinion that these wonderful gifts of mother earth were living beings and considered them to be incredibly ancient and wise. When you approach yourself with this awareness when using Yoni eggs, their power will manifest itself very quickly. Many internal and environmental factors affect the energy of stones. The most common cause of personal exhaustion is the energies close to us. Our family, friends or colleagues, or even clients. Those who need energy simply get it through another person, e.g. us. They are so-called "vampires", whose energy then settles in the subtle body or body organs. Feel your body, try to listen to it. Calm down, soften up, be yourself especially you women and you will have an amazing journey through life. :-)


And that's why the Chakra Original e-shop is not just a seller of minerals, but we try to pass on this ancient idea and experience in the form of Yoni eggs in the ZenZai Fitness & Women's Harmony program. The yoni egg and base chakra of a woman is like entering her own self and discovering her inner goddess, herself, her essence and answers to many questions why?


The first thing that a Yoni mineral speaks of is its ability to enhance energy, healing and spiritual growth. Each Yoni works uniquely according to your individual vibration and needs.


Don't limit your Yoni if it only does certain things. All possibilities are open and the more you match and harmonize with Yoni minerals, semi-precious stones, the more they will delight you - and surprise you.

Stones subtly influence all levels of our existence and the space in which we live and work. What appear as illnesses may actually be symptoms of discomfort, blocked creativity, emotional distress - the ultimate manifestation of spiritual, psychic, emotional, mental or karmic imbalance or distress.


I also often encounter with my clients during therapy or relaxation sessions and when working with the subconscious in a misunderstanding of their inner woman, self-reproach and general dissatisfaction. Therefore, the connection of a mineral in the form of a Yoni and the ZenZai Fitness & Harmony program for women is an ideal way to restart very well, harmonize your body, throw away general stress and start living happily.


Before using the yoni egg, prepare it for the purpose for which you will use it. "Plug in" the new Yoni immediately after cleaning and i.e. "program" it for your needs. Take the Yoni in your hands and look carefully at the glow that surrounds it (if you can't, shine a direct light on the Yoni). Then say aloud: "I dedicate this Yoni egg to the highest good, may it serve light and love."


When programming the Yoni egg, hold the mineral in your hand and open yourself to a higher power that will guide you. Think carefully about the purpose for which you wish to use the Yoni. Be very specific! For example, you need Yoni to heal your pelvic floor, 

or within the energy of the minerals brought love, describe exactly what you wish for it to happen.


After you have specifically formulated your wish, tune in to the Yoni. Also make sure that your Yoni is suitable for your given purpose - wish (correct selection of Yoni egg). When you are perfectly attuned, say out loud, "I am programming this Yoni to.....(fill in the purpose you have set)." After the ceremony, place the Yoni in a place where you will see it often, or carry the Yoni (unless it is currently inserted in the pelvic floor area) with you. To fully support the energy from the Yoni egg and its maximum use of energy for your body, take the Yoni egg two or three times in your hand. We recommend repeating the above programming several times.

To "program the energy" from the Yoni egg, we also recommend creating a certain ritual atmosphere.

In general, energy from stones can be observed in several places in the Czech Republic. For example, in the Louny district, the Kounovská range, there are very rare and effective stones suitable for rituals and healing the body. I was able to see for myself and see with my own eyes how people here were able to recover from a very difficult medical diagnosis. Of course, it is necessary to have a knowledgeable guide next to you who can correctly connect the body anatomy vs. stones and energy from them.

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