a well-known Czech sexologist at an erotic fair said these true words after his presentation on erectile support tablets: "and it still doesn't work"... The irony of all is that these "miracle pills" continue to run in the evening commercials as the main product for supporting erection and improving sexual energy as an effective aphrodisiac. And that's why in our Chakra Original e-shop you won't find any chemical food supplement for erection support among the Aphrodisiacs, which manifests itself as side effects.

For example, the well-known product "A" has as its main ingredient, paradoxically, according to pharmacy, the health-threatening Ginkgo biloba tree, which is called the Ginan Dvoulaločný tree in our country.


It is more than a warning that these highly carcinogenic products from the flowers of the Double-lobed Jinan are freely available for sale as the main ingredient in product "A" to support erections for men and women! Of course, in the package leaflet of this food supplement "A" there is a well-known text written in small letters - use at your own risk!

Another well-known product "M", which presents itself as a quality Aphrodisiac for men and women. It is more natural, rather "flying...". If we look at the production and use, then there is already more talk about true side effects, especially with excessive use. It won't cause heart collapse, or better yet cancer like with product "A", but it will definitely leave a mark on the digestive tract.

My recommendation is therefore: read the composition thoroughly and find out in professional media what each specific substance in the composition of Aphrodisiac means for our body!

In the Chakra Original e-shop you will only find the natural Aphrodisiac for men and women VIP Power Gel or erotic chocolate. The basis of the composition is ginseng, royal jelly and other rare natural ingredients. VIP Power Gel also has positive effects on our overall health.

Therefore, we recommend that you thoroughly consider buying erotic natural food supplements from other e-shops and stores, where everything looks like a functional and saving product to support erection and sexual health for women and men!


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