Yoni eggs White JadeYoni eggs White Jade

Yoni Egg White Jade — S — 3 x 2 cm —

Properties: Snow Quartz, Drilled, S — 3 x 2 cm
Designation: SK-002
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Price: 13,8 €
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Yoni Egg White Jade heals lungs and kidneys, attracts love and relationships. In addition brings courage, luck and friendships! 

Snow Quartz

  • White Jade is a good alternative to mineral rose quartz. 
  • Impacts gently, it’s long-term and after that more effective. 
  • Supports kidneys and adrenal glands, effective during pain in chest or lungs. 
  • Helps with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease prevention. 
  • Removes negative energy and replaces it with loving vibrations. 
  • White Jade is great at solving feelings. 
  • Heals inner pain and suffering. White Jade attracts love and new relationships. 
  • Suitable for use before pregnancy to keep your pelvic floor healthy. 
  • White Jade is a symbol of pureness and balance. 
  • Encourages you. 
  • Boosts the ability to tactful action.
  • In the course of meditation ensures connection with deeper wisdom, which we have been rejecting before. 
  • Helps with getting to know your inner self and releasing emotions especially in irritation. 
  • Attracts luck and friendships. 

Intimate and health impacts of Yoni Egg

  • Enhances and boosts orgasm (vaginal and uterine).
  • Significantly enhances libido and sexuality.
  • Prevention of pelvic floor diseases.
  • Unties emotional and traumatic experiences. 
  • Enhances PMS.
  • Enhances blood flow in the pelvic floor organs.
  • Enhances mental health. 
  • Stimulates vaginal glands to moisten the vagina during sex.
  • Very significantly reduces and solves problems with incontinency.
  • Positively influences the way of getting pregnant by using it before pregnancy period time. 
  • Enhances vaginal inner muscles, which evaluates your partner during your common intimate moment. 

Convenient purchase

  • High quality (it’s possible to order gift packaging).
  • A gift to every order for a registered customer..
  • Online mini-workshop, consultancy, specialised and medical consultation customised for every woman.


Chakra Original characteristic

  • The whole range of products Chakra Original is handmade, without artificial colourings and chemical additives. 
  • The goods have undergone the legislative process according to the EU directives and are certified in the Czech Republic. 
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