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Venus balls Whoop·de·doo Classic red

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For healthy strengthening of the pelvic floor, blood flow to the vaginal muscles. For a more intense intimate experience or a solution to incontinence. Discover the secret of the unique and patented gentle vibration technology from the original material! Order today!

Basic description:

  • weight 65g.
  • red color.
  • outer balls with a diameter of 32 mm.
  • velvet surface.
  • minimalistic and gentle surface - designed by women for women.
  • sensitively focusing on function, ergonomics and sustainability.
  • functional and discreet.
  • the balls activate the muscles of the pelvic floor even with the slightest movement.
  • the inner balls have a silicone lining, so they are completely silent and discreet.
  • made of 100% natural silicone - a quality material that is hypoallergenic, gentle on the body and easy to maintain and completely odorless.
  • developed in cooperation with a gynecologist - thanks to her recommendations, we are sure that the balls are beneficial to women's health and ergonomic.
  • more desire and orgasm - by wearing it regularly, you will wake up the pelvic floor, increase libido and intimate experiences will gain a new dimension - you will feel the difference after only 4 weeks.
  • prevention and solution of incontinence - also suitable for women after childbirth, gynecological surgery or during menopause - and for those who want to prevent incontinence.

Venus Balls Whoop-de-do

Who are the Venus balls suitable for?

  • Women who want to truly enjoy their intimacy to the fullest. Intensively, deliberately, and with the type of orgasm they like best.
  • Women who want to prevent incontinence or ease symptoms by carefully and gently working with their bodies.
  • Women who want to feel womanly and attractive at any age and enjoy their intimate experiences alone or share them with a partner.
  • Men who want to please their partners with a beautiful and functional aid that ultimately means pleasure for both.



You will feel the change after just four weeks.


What do you get by wearing a Whoop-de-doo venus ball regularly?

  • increase in libido, intensification of intimate experience and orgasm.
  • you prevent incontinence, mild symptoms can also be gently cured.
  • relieves you from painful menstruation or ovulation.
  • they will help you with the revitalization of the pelvic floor after pregnancy, childbirth or gynecological procedures.
  • It teaches you to consciously work with your pelvic floor during normal movement and during sex.


The pelvic floor and its needs change throughout a woman's life. We have therefore designed Venus balls in three weight variants:

  • Venus Balls of Light
  • Venus Balls Classic
  • Venus Balls Noir Heavy
How do the Venus Balls work?
The Venus Balls are based on the age-old principle of a ball within a ball. They’re inserted into the vagina, where even small movements, such as walking, set the inner balls in motion, resulting in vibrations that gently massage the vaginal wall and increase circulation. At the same time, they force the user to contract the vaginal muscles in order to hold them inside. This results in alternating activation and relaxation of the entire area, which strengthens the pelvic floor muscles.
Which variant is right for you?
The Whoop·de·doo Venus Balls come in three variants depending on weight, type of inner balls, and colour. The heavier the balls you use, the stronger the pelvic floor becomes.  
Light 41 g are designed for women following natural childbirth, gynaecological surgery, or problems with incontinence or prolapsed organs. In white or red. 
Classic 65 g are ideal for women want to strengthen the pelvic floor, desire a stronger orgasm, and don’t have any serious problems arising from dysfunction of the pelvic floor. In white or red. 
Noir heavy 102 g are intended for advanced users who want a perfectly firm pelvic floor and a truly powerful orgasm. In black.
If you’re not sure which variant is best for you, write us.


How are the Venus Balls used?
We recommend wearing the Venus Balls at least twice a week for 2–3 hours at a time. You have to move to make them work. You can wear them while out walking, during yoga class, or when dancing. The more you move, the more intense the vibrations become, and they can even bring you to orgasm.  
Start out slowly at home and only for a shorter period of time at first. Especially after childbirth or a gynaecological procedure, you should give your body enough time to adjust to the Venus Balls. It’s important to be aware of the pelvic floor muscles and their activation and relaxation. 
You can check the user guide for Venus Balls right here on our website.
For easier insertion, you can use a water-based Whoop·de·doo lubricant.
How are the Venus Balls cared for?
The Whoop·de·doo Venus Balls are embedded in medical-grade silicone, which is nonporous and thus 100% hygienic. Care for them is very easy. Simply clean before and after use with warm water and an intimate wash. You can also sterilize them by immersing them briefly in boiling water.  
For the ultimate in care, use the Whoop·de·doo cleaning spray for intimate aids and then rinse with water.
How long does it take to notice a change?
With regular use, i.e. 3x weekly for 2–3 hours at a time, you’ll notice a difference in as little as four weeks.
"Like the other products, I designed the Venus Balls in the spirit of the overall philosophy of Whoop·de·doo. It was important to me that they be functional, hygienic, and free of any unnecessary protrusions and seams. In short, they had to be completely clean and made locally through high-quality and sustainable manufacturing."

Anna Marešová

product designer and founder of Whoop·de·doo

According to Forbes CZ, Anna Marešová is the most important Czech product designer. She attracted attention with her thesis project – a set of intimate aids for women – which today she manufactures under her own premium brand

Among other awards, she received the prestigious RED DOT 2016 for her vibrator. Unique velvet soft surface certified by the State Health Institute!

Her latest project is a unique pleasure tram for the city of Prague called the T3 Coupé, which was also recently awarded the most prestigious of design awards – the RED DOT 2019. In creating the vehicle, she drew inspiration from the appearance of the original T3 tram but enhanced it with modern technologies and a number of original luxury touches.

- Has earned numerous national and international awards (see below)
- Has significantly influenced and continues to influence the Czech school of design
- Owns the studio Anna Marešová designers and the brand
- Has her own showroom in Prague and is preparing to open another in London
- Is one of the few to pursue utility industrial design
- Manufacturers all of her products in the Czech Republic under her personal supervision
- Is a proponent of sustainable design
- Has gained recognition abroad, e.g. Great Britain, Germany, Slovakia
- Studied at prestigious schools in CZ and Great Britain


„It’s better to spend ten days manufacturing one product than to spend one day manufacturing ten products.“ (Wiener Werkstätte, 1903) Anna Marešová

"I wanted to create a design that would be clean, elegant and functional. When you see it, you won't be ashamed at all. On the contrary. You will want to try it immediately. And then again and again. In short, you will love it.”


Anna Marešová
author and founder of Whoop·de·doo brand

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