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Menstrual cup Whoop·de·doo ClassicWhoop·de·doo

Menstrual cup Whoop·de·doo Classic

Properties: Whoop-de-do Menstrual Cup
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For heavier menstruation or days of heavier bleeding. Suitable for those of you who are comfortable with larger size hygiene products, whether you have just given birth or need to strengthen your pelvic floor. Certified by the State Health Institute!

Basic description:

  • size - cup diameter 45mm.
  • volume - 28ml.
  • firm and soft at the same time.
  • up to 12 hours dry day and night.
  • ending with a soft ball that does not press.
  • velvet surface.
  • made of hypoallergenic silicone with certification from the State Health Institute
  • package contents - Light and Classic menstrual cups, two SWISS+COTTON fabric covers, instructions for use and certificate of originality.
  • designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.
  • for women and girls who want a gentle alternative to disposable pads and tampons.
  • for women who wish to combine both cup sizes during menstruation according to the strength of the bleeding or the position of the cervix.
  • for women who want to experience menstruation without fear of leakage and without pain. Glad their body is working the way it should.
  • for anyone who wants to make their beloved wife, friend or sister happy with a practical and beautiful tool that will make her life a lot easier.

Whoop-de-do Menstrual Cup

What's a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a sustainable alternative to single-use menstrual aids. Even with intensive use, the Whoop·de·doo Menstrual Cup will last up to 5 years without any change in quality whatsoever. In that time, you’ll save approximately 1,200 single-use pads and tampons. It’s made from medical-grade silicone, which is gentle on the body, doesn’t dry the mucous membrane, and is 100% hygienic.

How does the Menstrual Cup work?

The cup is inserted into the vagina, where gentle suction holds it in place to catch menstrual blood for up to 12 hours. This means you have complete control over your period without any odours. Simply rinse it out and put it back in. The tip is finished in a soft ball that facilitates removal and is very comfortable to wear. 


Why you'll lovethe Menstrual Cup:

  1. You can wear it all day and even at night when you’re asleep. Work out, swim, surf.
  2. The Menstrual Cup requires no complicated care. During your period, you simply rinse it out and put it back in.
  3. Unlike tampons, the Menstrual Cup doesn’t press against the cervix, so using it is painless and can even help ease menstrual cramps.
  4. With proper care, it’s very gentle on the vaginal mucous membrane and can help prevent mycoses.
  5. You know exactly how strong your period is and what phase it’s in.
  6. It makes life easier. You don’t have to worry about buying hygiene products each month.
  7. Your period is completely odourless.

Minimalistic and functional design:

- perfected to the very last detail, including the shape and the soft ball at the tip that facilitates removal and is very comfortable to wear.

Colour never fades or changes:

- thanks to its red colour, the cup never changes even after years of intensive use. It will always look brand new.

Soft and firm at the same time:

- the Menstrual Cup is made from soft silicone, but the walls are reinforced to hold shape and keep the cup perfectly in place without leaking.

Velvety surface made from medical-grade silicone:

- made from premium medical-grade silicone, which is gentle on the body and easy to take care of, the cup is velvety smooth yet durable at the same time.

Tested on us:

- during development, we tested the Menstrual Cup on ourselves, our friends, and our ambassadors. So we know it fits like a glove.

Manufactured locally and sustainably:

In order to give you the very best, we manufacture the Menstrual Cup locally and sustainably in the Czech Republic and have complete control over the manufacturing process.


How does the Menstrual Cup work?
The Menstrual Cup is inserted into the vagina to catch menstrual blood. Upon insertion, the cup creates a gentle suction that holds it against the vaginal wall. It won’t leak even a drop. 
Because it’s made from medical-grade silicone, which is soft and completely hygienic, the blood stays clean and odourless.
If you have a very strong menstrual flow, we recommend using period underwear or a pad for the first few days for an even greater sense of comfort.
What size should I choose?
We designed the Whoop·de·doo Menstrual Cup in two sizes, which you can buy separately or together in the economical Duo pack.
Light is intended for women and girls with a strengthened pelvic floor who are used to smaller menstrual products such as tampons. Ideal for days with a lighter flow.  
Classic is ideal for stronger flows or the first few days of your period. Suitable for women who have given vaginal birth and those who use large tampons.  
If you’re not sure which variant is best for you, write us.
How is the Menstrual Cup used?
With proper use, you can go about your day as usual and even sleep, work out, or swim. The easiest way to insert it is from a squatting position, ideally in the shower or bath, or with one leg up on the toilet lid.  
As soon as you feel it’s time to empty your cup, gently press on its edge, pull it out, empty, rinse under clean water, and put it back in. We recommend moistening your fingers before insertion and removal.
You can check the user guide for the Menstrual Cup right here on our website. 
If you choose the Duo pack, you can alternate between the two sizes as you like.
How is the Menstrual Cup cared for?
Medical-grade silicone is nonporous and 100% hygienic, so caring for your cup is very easy.  
Prior to using, simply sterilize the cup by submersing it briefly in boiling water. During your period, all you need to do is rinse the cup under clean running water and reinsert it. You can also use an intimate wash.
For the ultimate in care, use the Whoop·de·doo cleaning spray for intimate aids. Then simply rinse with water.

The menstrual cup Whoop-de-doo.

  • Firm and soft at the same time
  • Stay dry for up to 12 hours day or night
  • Velvety soft surface made from medical-grade silicone
  • Designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic
It’s amazing how many details you can change on such a small product and make it genuinely functional. It’s firm yet soft at the same time, and the shape ensures there are no unpleasant pressure points. I have my own experience with it, and I’m very pleased by all the enthusiastic feedback. 

Anna Marešová

product designer and founder of Whoop·de·doo

According to Forbes CZ, Anna Marešová is the most important Czech product designer. She attracted attention with her thesis project – a set of intimate aids for women – which today she manufactures under her own premium brand Whoop.de.doo.

Among other awards, she received the prestigious RED DOT 2016 for her vibrator. Unique velvet soft surface certified by the State Health Institute!

Her latest project is a unique pleasure tram for the city of Prague called the T3 Coupé, which was also recently awarded the most prestigious of design awards – the RED DOT 2019. In creating the vehicle, she drew inspiration from the appearance of the original T3 tram but enhanced it with modern technologies and a number of original luxury touches.

- Has earned numerous national and international awards (see below)
- Has significantly influenced and continues to influence the Czech school of design
- Owns the studio Anna Marešová designers and the Whoop.de.doo brand
- Has her own showroom in Prague and is preparing to open another in London
- Is one of the few to pursue utility industrial design
- Manufacturers all of her products in the Czech Republic under her personal supervision
- Is a proponent of sustainable design
- Has gained recognition abroad, e.g. Great Britain, Germany, Slovakia
- Studied at prestigious schools in CZ and Great Britain


„It’s better to spend ten days manufacturing one product than to spend one day manufacturing ten products.“ (Wiener Werkstätte, 1903) Anna Marešová

"I wanted to create a design that would be clean, elegant and functional. When you see it, you won't be ashamed at all. On the contrary. You will want to try it immediately. And then again and again. In short, you will love it.”


Anna Marešová
author and founder of Whoop·de·doo brand

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