Face Mask ObsidianFace Mask Obsidian

Face Mask Obsidian

Properties: Obsidian
Designation: KT-005
Availability: In stock
Price: 118,8 €
Amount:  pc    

Meditative and relaxing Face Mask Obsidian connects you with your subconscious and amplifies your inner intuition.

  • Precisely handmade relaxation mask.
  • Size 21 x 9,5 cm, size over the nose area 5 cm.
  • On the first touch, the mask gives you the cooling impression, but after placing the mask on your face, it connects with your skin, accepts its temperature and passes the energy on the whole area of your face and head.
  • Mask perfectly adheres to your face and by its weight stimulates the subcutaneous area.
  • Like every stone even these stone masks have their own energy, which cooperates in mutual synergy with your personality.
  • If you add a few drops of aromatic essence, relaxing music or meditation, your face will ease and stress disappears.
  • Big advantage of this mask is its sustainability and you can place it on different parts of your body.
  • It is necessary to respect the processing of this mask, do not pull it roughly or try to even the mask with force.


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