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You don't know what gift to buy your partner, or are you a woman and want to make yourself happy with a suitable mineral?

Then you are in the right place on the website of the Chakra Original e-shop with its offer of semi-precious stones and intimate minerals.

The e-shop offers several options to make yourself happy with a beautiful gift, or as a man to please and positively surprise your partner.


The first and basic product of the Chakra Original e-shop are Yoni eggs, where the primary effect is focused on the health of the pelvic floor, pregnancy, the postpartum period, sexual and overall energy of the body.

Every woman's satisfaction and health in the area of the pelvic floor is very important for a woman.

Don't know how to choose the right semi-precious stone in the form of a Yoni egg? Then we recommend that you call us on our phone number in our contacts, where Mrs. Anita - our expert health consultant will be happy to recommend and advise you on the right type of mineral based on your overall health condition.


The second product of the Chakra Original e-shop is massage semi-precious stones. Gua Sha and Face Rollers for massaging, softening and rejuvenating the face will please every woman. We pack these minerals in boxes, which create a gift atmosphere with their first impression. Every woman wants to be beautiful, have young and soft skin. For each semi-precious stone in the Chakra Original e-shop, there is a description of the energy a particular type of mineral has and for what purpose it is intended. The same applies here as with Yoni eggs, the possibility of consultation and professional advice.

In the menu of goods you can also find protective pendants made of mineral.


The third product in the Chakra Original e-shop are intimate semi-precious stones in the form of dildos and anal plugs.

Here we recommend viewing the basic description and effect of each type of intimate semi-precious stone, because it is not always just about intimate accessories. Each semi-precious stone emits a certain energy, either as a recipient of negative energy or as a source of positive energy. If you have intimate semi-precious stones near you (outside of intimate moments), they can positively tune the atmosphere in your surroundings.

Minerals generally attract negative energy and harmoniously balance the energy in your home!

With anal plugs, it is very important to remember what many women and men quite often neglect, and that is the importance of the anal orgasm, which is often stronger than the clitoral and internal orgasm. With a suitable and gentle anal massage, women can experience an extreme multi-orgasm, which can sometimes go into a state of positive fainting / momentary unconsciousness. For men, the importance of prostate massage is also very important as a fundamental prevention against possible future diseases in the prostate area.

This year, we introduced the effective natural aphrodisiac VIP Power Gel for men and women to the Chakra Original e-shop. The 100% natural composition of this gel is interesting, but mainly it has an anti-stress effect and calms the entire human organism, which is very important these days.

Each of your orders can be wrapped in a gift box. Just add this service to the cart in your order. Gift packaging can always be found at the end of the product offer in the Yoni eggs section, Additional assortment, Semi-precious dildos, or Anal plugs.

The same is true if you do not want to deal with the selection of a gift, order a Voucher as a gift and leave the selection of semi-precious stones in the Chakra Original e-shop to the recipient.


My tip for a gift from the point of view of a man and the author of this article. If you are a man and you are buying gifts for your partner, it is good that you remember a birthday, holiday or Christmas... (50%). Every woman appreciates far more when she is gifted selflessly throughout the year (100%) - it is proof that your partner has real meaning and significance for you and you care about her! It's as big a difference as saying I like you or I love you!

At the end of this blog post, I would like to write a gift tip for this "special time" that applies to both men and women: "LOVE is not about finding the right person, it's about becoming the right person.".... & having I like / like

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