Pregnancy and health energy of the pelvic floor

There are more and more young women struggling with pregnancy these days. It is unfortunately the sad part of this fast-moving time. The understanding of the pregnancy process is highly important, as well as building up better ourselves. There are many factors which influence the ability to get pregnant, and same as it's not possible to exercise only squats and be fit, it's not possible only „want to have a baby“. Sometimes is necessary to go deep inside yourself and uncover the layers of energy that impede the conception, work on it and understand it. In one case it's a matter of a few weeks, in other it takes more than half of a year. But time is relative and the attitude of every woman is unique. This topic is more comprehensive and very individual. We do offer special courses related to problems with pregnancy, but only in the Czech language. Even though - feel free to ask anything, we will try to help you as much as possible. 


Using the Yoni eggs during trying to get pregnant is beneficial. There are many health indispositions and each woman is unique, so does her health. That's why it’s appropriate to choose Yoni Egg which fits you the best. 

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